10 Tips for having difficult conversations

Are you avoiding a difficult conversation?┬áIt might be difficult because of the emotions involved or because you don’t feel in control or because you’re at risk of losing something.

Here are 10 tips to help make that difficult conversation a successful conversation.

1. Have a ‘game plan’

It’s a good idea to have a ‘game plan’ or framework for the conversation before you start. Without a plan you are likely to jump feet first into an accusation and force the other person into a defensive reaction. Setting the wrong tone at the beginning means you’ve lost before you’ve started.

The framework should look something […]

Overcoming Small Business Hearing Loss

Does your small business have a hearing problem? Does it hear but not listen? ‘Active Listening’ is a technique that recognises that effective listening only happens when it is done intentionally.

  • Hearing is your ability to recognize sound.
  • Listening is the process by which you assign meaning to what you hear and observe.

The complication is that listening is a subjective process. Anyone that has been in a romantic relationship for more than a day knows that “I’m fine” doesn’t always mean “I’m fine”!

The following steps will help you start ‘Active Listening’.

Step 1: Give your undivided attention

  • Focus on the speaker.
  • Decide not to be […]
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