You have one minute to communicate the essence of your business to a complete stranger. Can you do it?

The expression ‘elevator pitch’ comes from the scenario of meeting a stranger in an elevator where you explain what it is your business does in the hope of securing a further meeting. Think of it as a ‘verbal business card’ that you leave with people.

The ‘elevator pitch’ is a verbal business card.

The Message

Your pitch has to be quick, about one to two minutes, and crystal clear as there is no time for clarification. It is a micro-presentation of your brand so it has to be consistent every time you give it without being impersonal. It should include the following.

1. Who you are

  • What do you want people to remember most about your business?
  • “We are the biggest…”, “We are the most professional…”,  “We are the most caring…”

2. What you do

  • How do you make your customer’s life better?
  • “We help these people, with this problem by providing this solution.”

3. How you are different

  • What sets you apart from your competition?
  • What do you do differently or better than the others?

4. Why you do it

  • This is the heart of your business – the mission, values and beliefs of your business.
  • This should speak to the heart and not the head of your listener.

5. Where people can find you

  • Don’t forget to invite your listener to the party.
  • “If you want to know anymore you can find us online at …”

The Delivery

The message itself is only part of the pitch. Your delivery is just as important.

6. Watch your language

  • Speak in pictures. Example: “We are like plastic surgeons for old buildings” is better than “We renovate old buildings”.
  • Don’t use business jargon, buzz words or acronyms.
  • Use language that a 13 year old would understand.

7. Get physical

  • Ensure that your body language is confident.
  • Keep your feet firmly planted and keep an open body stance.

8. Get passionate

  • If you can’t get enthusiastic about your business no one will.
  • Even if you’ve had the worst day, tap into your passion – you don’t know what doors this conversation might open.

9. Serve don’t sell

  • Don’t try to make a sale, present an opportunity.
  • You don’t need to tell them everything – the pitch should create an itch!

10. Practice

  • Know what to say before you’re asked.
  • The more you practice the more natural you will sound.
  • Would you rather watch an actor who doesn’t know his lines or one who is living his lines?


Your ‘elevator pitch’ is a verbal business card that should leave people crystal clear about what your business is and what it does. It is the essence of your business and if done well will leave people wanting to know more.

If you don’t already have an ‘elevator pitch’ invest the time in creating one so that you can speak with clarity about your business to potential customers and so set your business free.

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